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Between installation and go live conversion, there are plenty of tasks to consider within Fishbowl Inventory. Let us help you through data migration, process design and fishbowl training!

Fishbowl Inventory reporting tool is limitless! Unfortunately the standard reports that come with Fishbowl are limited. We will change limited to limitless!

Our expert developers can integrate your CRM, website, shipping software or other software with Fishbowl Inventory. Don’t double enter data into your systems.

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See how Fishbowl Inventory, QuickBooks, and Brandow Consulting helped improve inventory and manufacturing activities at Nelson + Pade

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Read our case study and how we helped Nelson + Pade keep costs of inventory and manufacturing under control.

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Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is a feature rich, mature software. It works for companies that have at least three employees hands in the inventory tracking system at a time. With the exception of recording vendor invoices, the bookkeeper will stay in QuickBooks most of the time. This is required to keep inventory values accurate. All other activities in Fishbowl are designed for the warehouse personnel, sales personnel, and purchasing manager. Warehouse staff will have rights to the receiving, picking and shipping screens. Sales will have rights to the sales screens. Purchasing will have rights to purchasing and the bookkeeper will have rights to accounting related activities. All tasks can be separated or merged depending on your client's company needs.

fishbowl inventory

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Method CRM

Method integration is the next best thing for your QuickBooks clients searching for a CRM to meet their company's personal requirements. It has three integration engines that keep method and QuickBooks constantly in sync. Simply click 'Save' after making a change or creating a new record in Method and instantly the data will appear on your QuickBooks screen. The second sync engine works in the opposite direction. Every 20 minutes Method's sync engine will look for changes in your clients QuickBooks file. When it finds a change, that change will automatically update Method. Finally, once a day a third sync engine will perform a total and complete reconciliation of your clients Method file and their QuickBooks file. If there are any records not matching, this sync will catch them.

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President | Owner

Lance Brandow

For 10 years Lance Brandow has been giving expert support to Small Businesses of all industries with inventory tracking needs. His unparalleled experience began as an employee of Fishbowl Inventory, then later as Joe Woodard’s Senior Method consultant. His knack for database organization and a degree in business management has given him the perfect mix for business software know how. Because of his willingness to work as a Sub-Contractor for Intuit’s leading Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisors and his background as a Fishbowl Inventory employee, he’s logged more hours consulting in Fishbowl Inventory than anyone else in the country.

Custom Reports Developer

Kendra Tate

· Fishbowl Inventories custom reports developer.
· Over 20 years of experience assisting companies by customizing their business software to improve usability and efficiency.
· Project management, design and development to improve data and inventory management.
· Customer consultations to train on software and implement business process improvements.
· Proficient in SQL, JavaScript and InstallShield.
· Experienced in various programming languages and data manipulation tools such as Java, C++ and Perl.
· Accounting background and QuickBooks Online certified.

Method Customization Expert

Stuart Katz

• Over 35 years of experience in developing highly tailored business applications for businesses of all sizes
• Specializing in systems design, programming, implementation planning and on-going support
• Emphasizing usable systems that are designed to meet specific business requirements
• Extensive use of QuickBooks over the past 6 years while serving as CFO for a number of smaller businesses
• Three years experience in customizing existing Method applications as well as developing new applications to support a variety of businesses


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We offer an unparalleled understanding of Fishbowl Inventory and Method Integration. Brandow Consulting specializes in class instruction, one-on-one instruction, client relations, sales and marketing, accounting and inventory process management, SQL database language and SMB process consulting.

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