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The Leading Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Solution for QuickBooks

Fishbowl Inventory is a feature rich, mature inventory management software. A must see for small to mid sized (SMB) companies using any version of QuickBooks. It works for businesses needing anywhere from 3 to 30 employees hands in the inventory tracking system at a time. With the exception of recording vendor invoices, the bookkeeper will stay in QuickBooks. Sales staff, procurement, production, receivers, pickers and shippers no longer have a need to login to QuickBooks. This is required to keep inventory values accurate. All other activities in Fishbowl are designed for the warehouse personnel, sales personnel, and purchasing manager. Download Fishbowl Inventory today and experience the power of Fishbowl.

How does Fishbowl Inventory help your business?

Warehouse staff will have rights to the receiving, picking and shipping screens. Sales will have rights to the sales screens. Purchasing will have rights to purchasing and the bookkeeper will have rights to accounting related activities. All tasks can be separated or merged depending on your client’s company needs.

Connect Fishbowl to your QuickBooks file. Fishbowl will automatically pull your vendors, customers, parts, quantities, Purchase orders and Sales Orders into your new file. From then on, your Purchase Orders, item quantities and Sales Orders in QuickBooks become obsolete.  Enter a Purchase Order in Fishbowl and receive it. Fishbowl will create an Item Receipt in QuickBooks. Enter the vendor’s invoice in Fishbowl. Fishbowl will change the QuickBooks Item Receipt to a Bill. Pick, pack and ship a Sales Order from Fishbowl to create invoices in QuickBooks.

Fishbowl Go for Barcodes

Barcodes will come to life with Fishbowl Inventory automation. Fishbowl Inventory automatically generates barcodes. Download Fishbowl Inventory free trial here. Then download Fishbowl Go from your iPhone or Android store to see how it works. The Fishbowl Go app easily connects to your central system. Using barcodes from your vendors or barcodes generated by Fishbowl Inventory, experience the power of cycle counting, moving, receiving, picking, packing and shipping in the palm of your hand with Fishbowl Go.

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Below, is Fishbowl Inventory’s pricing.

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