Fishbowl Training Videos

Don’t pay top dollar to learn the basics. Learn how to perform simple setup tasks from these free videos. Become familiar with the basic features in Fishbowl Inventory first. This makes the time with your consultant more effective.

Things to learn on your own could be:  Basic key points to setting up your file. Basic screen navigation and process flow. Practice with these simple how to videos to put the basics behind you.

Fishbowl Setup

Brandow Consulting has expert Fishbowl trainers on staff. We’ve provided Fishbowl Inventory training for thousands of companies over the past 10 years. Over 100 companies just like yours have benefited from our proven implementation program. We’ll help you fully implement Fishbowl Inventory including: IT infrastructure, file setup, process design, Fishbowl accounting, Fishbowl training and/or file data conversion

Fishbowl Training for Beginners

Watch a video while logged into your Fishbowl file. Immediately perform the processes you just watched to embed the new skill into memory.


Walk through the simple steps of Creating a Purchase Order. Once comfortable with that, take a look at the receiving video. Fishbowl Purchase Orders take two steps to close: First, record the items received. Next, record the vendors invoice.


See how to manually create a Sales Order and issue it to the warehouse for picking. Use the picking screen to start the pick. Print out a pick ticket. Once the pickers have returned the pick ticket, record any changes they made. Prepare the items for shipment and record which box or pallet was used. Print or email a packing list. Once the carrier comes to pick up the packages, record the orders as “shipped”.


Fishbowl Inventory enables you to track the transfer of your goods from one warehouse to another. See how this is done using the transfer order screen. See how transfer orders help you record the movement of inventory within your warehouse also. When reorder points are setup, the auto replenish feature comes to life! Use the put-away feature to automatically create a transfer order from the receiving location into stock.


Manager your production with the Manufacture Order screen. Review the simple steps in creating a Work Order, starting the Work Order and finally closing out the Work Order correctly.