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Our 5-step Software Implementation Process

Successful deployment of a software system requires careful integration into your organizational structure and operation. Over the years, through success and failure, we have discovered a proven system that will assure a successful implementation. It requires 5 steps:

1. Quality IT

– All necessary hardware, network connections and operating systems, need to meet software requirements so your new system will run smoothly and efficiently. After you install the software and ensure users can log in, we will coordinate with your IT administrator to assure this is done and you have the required setup between Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks.

2. Practice File Setup

– We ensure that your data file is setup correctly to maximize content management.  Foundational data, such as customer information, parts and locations are setup. Users and default settings are initialized. A part scheme is optimized or created. Bill of Material configurations are created. Inventory quantity, cost and locations are imported. Once the data file is setup and optimized, we connect the file to a practice QuickBooks file and test it with other plugins.

Custom IntegrationsShopping cart, EDI and CRM and carrier integrations can be setup at this point.

3. Process Design

–Together, we walk your everyday transactions through the practice file. Necessary adjustments are made during this test phase.  As we analyze each person’s role in the company, we develop their Fishbowl responsibilities and produce SOP type documentation. This documentation can include screen shots and numbered steps to be used for reference later.

Optional Custom Reportsare designed and developed before or during this stage.

4. Training and Practice

– Once the processes are laid out and responsibilities are assigned, we may work with each individual and explain to them what they will be doing in Fishbowl. We are flexible and open to feed back at this stage in the game. The process is flexible. We work to have the process accepted and adopted. Once we have a an approved process, everyone is assigned to practice their specific role by entering data into Fishbowl on a daily basis. The more realistic the practice, the more valuable the questions will be. All questions and concerns are resolved.

5. Convert and Go Live

– Your practice file is  converted to a live file. Current information is imported. Finally, Fishbowl is reconciled with QuickBooks. Final adjustments are made to QuickBooks to bring it into sync with Fishbowl.

  • Live Support and Training – Once live we offer support and any additional training necessary.

Some of these steps may be done with us remotely or on site. Some of them may be simple and quick for your company. All steps are required for a successful implementation however.

I’m sure you’ve heard how customizable Method:CRM is. There are so few needs Method customization can’t fill. You can’t beat 25 bucks a user either! Now you have a less expensive and more customizable option than Sales Force or Sugar integrations.

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