What is Method CRM?

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Method:CRM is Client Relationship Management Software

In short, Method:CRM is Client Relationship Management software that runs in your browser. It arguably has the most robust and reliable sync engine for QuickBooks of any other software. It fully integrates with all QuickBooks desktop version and QuickBooks Online. It is the most customizable software that integrate with QuickBooks. It takes 99.9% the data in your QB files and makes it available to you in the cloud. That’s right. Almost every field in every table. Then it adds features to that. All your Estimates, and leads can now stay in the cloud. This keeps your QB file free from clutter. The right people are now in QuickBooks while the everyone else is in Method.

Method manages your sales pipeline. Picture a funnel. The funnel represents a channel the people or companies you come in contact with, journey through before handing you a check or credit card number. The funnel is also called a sales pipeline. Method:CRM is a tool that helps track each state of progression these contacts step through. The first stage represents a low probability of closing the sale. The finale stage represents a high probability of closing the sale. Method:CRM helps you track this progress and provides sales projection reporting based on these records.

Each Company selling a product or service has a unique sales pipeline. Method:CRM is the most customizable CRM that integrates with QuickBooks so … you can customize the funnel to fit your needs and track as much or as little as you like. All interactions with leads and customers can be recorded for future reference. Any problems customers call in with are tracked until resolved. Your emails and website even integrate with Method. It is truly a robust system for the price tag it carries.

Method:CRM is the most customizable CRM for QuickBooks. There are few needs Method customization can’t fill.  Now you have a less expensive and more customizable option than Sales Force or Sugar CRMs.

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