Custom Reports for Fishbowl


hether you need a quick and simple tweak to your current Sales Order and Purchase Order forms or need customized calculations to better plan purchasing and production, we can help you achieve your goals with Fishbowl Reports.

Almost every Fishbowl user we’ve worked with had needed a custom report or change to the standard reports in Fishbowl Inventory. Many times, if Fishbowl Inventory doesn’t show or do something you need, custom Fishbowl reports or custom forms will pick up the slack.

With advanced Fishbowl reports and correct usage of Fishbowl’s custom fields, date fields, and other features; Fishbowl Inventory will accomplish far more than you imagined it could. We can even integrate your Fishbowl information with an excel spreadsheet or webpage using ODBC technology. Ask us how. Give us the challenge. There are few if any industries we have not written advanced custom Fishbowl reports for.

Need a custom report?

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Below, you will find free downloads compatible with Fishbowl Inventory version 16. These are available at no obligation to you. Most of them do not require custom fields. The reports with custom fields will not work until calibrated for your specific file.

Shipping Label
(6 per page)

Medium sized shipping labels

Shipping Label
(2 per page)

Large 1/2 page shipping labels

Large Location Tag

Location tags large enough to see from across the room

Physical Count Variance

This is a grading sheet based on cycle count adjustment quantity and value

Price and Availability

A quote for the customer who would like to know quantity available as well.

Report Install Instructions

A simple step by step outline for installing one of these iReports