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Fishbowl Mobile + Barcode Scanner

Fishbowl GO is an application that runs on any Android mobile device. Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse runs on Windows Mobile operating system.  Use mobile devices to scan bar codes and perform inventory management jobs inside your warehouse.

Incorporate mobile Fishbowl software to streamline your inventory management using a scan gun, phone or tablet

Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse and Fishbowl GO perform warehouse tasks such as picking, packing, shipping and receiving. The app also gives full information about a part: quantity, location, and, if applicable, all serial numbers and lot numbers.  By scanning a few bar codes, the tool allows you to make inventory adjustments in real-time. Scanning is a feature embedded on each screen, but it’s most valuable capabilities lie in its computing and constant sync with Fishbowl Inventory.

Brandow Consulting offers implementation and training of all Fishbowl software. The amount of time required to convert your warehouse to a “scan-ready” environment depends on the number of locations, SKUs, and the number of users tracking inventory. If you need your inventory counts to be accurate and up-to-date to the minute, you’ll need to implement mobile software. No more packing slips and pick tickets sitting in a pile waiting to be recorded

We are also available to assist you in selecting scanning hardware.  The images at left of the MC9090 and TC70 are just two possible options for mobile scanning devices.  Scan guns, phones or tablets will increase productivity and accuracy in your warehouse.


 Let Brandow Consulting assist with your inventory management goals from research to implementation

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