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Integrate Fishbowl Inventory with Method:CRM

With Cfish™, you can benefit from the best of both worlds: Fishbowl Inventory and Method:CRM. Whether you are a Method user who needs inventory tracking, or a Fishbowl Inventory user who needs CRM. With Cfish data flows there and back again saving you hours of tedious manual entry.

Every minute or so data flows both directions.

  • Fishbowl Inventory to Method:CRM

    • New Items including Discounts and Tax Items
    • New Products
    • Product Changes
    • State and Country Codes

  • Method:CRM to Fishbowl Inventory

    • New Customers
    • New Sales Orders
    • Customer Changes

Method:CRM is a powerful CRM for QuickBooks. Now you can connect it to Fishbowl Inventory. There are few needs Method CRM can’t fill. You can’t beat 40 bucks a user either! Now you have a less expensive and more customizable option than Sales Force or Sugar integrations.

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