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Fishbowl Inventory is the most popular Inventory Management Software that integrates with QuickBooks.

Lance Brandow got his start with Fishbowl Inventory as an employee in 2006. There he ate, slept and …well let’s just say he swam in the fishbowl at least 40 hours a week for almost three years. He took support calls, emails, and chat questions. He fixed broken databases. He trained new customers on all the ins and outs of the Fishbowl product. He helped build the training department and was a large influential force for product quality and design.

He was there when the schedule module, the transfer order module and the consignment module were first added. He was there when calculating landed cost was first added as a feature. He was a top seller in customer satisfaction and retention. He fielded literally thousands of questions for hundreds of customers and implemented Fishbowl Inventory for dozens of new and seasoned SMB companies. He trained many of the first VARs when the VAR program was in its infancy.

In 2009 he continued his service to Fishbowl users as a contractor for NetPlus Consulting and later an employee of Woodard Consulting dba Creative Financial Software.

Fishbowl Inventory is a feature rich, mature software. It works for companies that have at least three employees hands in the inventory tracking system at a time. With the exception of recording vendor invoices, the bookkeeper will stay in QuickBooks most of the time. This is required to keep inventory values accurate.

All other activities in Fishbowl are designed for the warehouse personnel, sales personnel, and purchasing manager. Warehouse staff will have rights to the receiving, picking and shipping screens. Sales will have rights to the sales screens. Purchasing will have rights to purchasing and the bookkeeper will have rights to accounting related activities. All tasks can be separated or merged depending on your client’s company needs.

Lance implements Fishbowl Inventory for your QuickBooks clients who usually have between 5-40 employees or 3-20 users. He starts out meeting with them for a couple of hours to determine their needs and become familiar with their current processes. After that, he may compile a detailed scope of work by laying out what each participant will need to do to make the implementation successful.

Fishbowl Inventory Report
Jasper Soft

iReport by Jasper is an amazing software fully integrated with Fishbowl Inventory to provide you with almost limitless customization capabilities. If the data is in Fishbowl, it can be queried and displayed on a report using iReport.

Worried about moving your data?

Brandow Consulting will migrate (move) your data from one software program to another with primary focus on migrating data from your old system to Fishbowl Inventory or Method CRM.  Setting up your file can be a real headache and very time consuming. Often the data needs to be cleaned because the previous program was used in a non-conventional manner due to lack of features. Whatever the case may be, we get the job done right.

Method CRM and Fishbowl Data Import
Looking for shopping cart and inventory solutions?
Shopping Cart Integration Services

Pull all of your online orders directly into Fishbowl Inventory seamlessly and automatically.

  1. Create Sales Orders
  2. Record Credit Card Payments
  3. Update websites with inventory availability levels
  4. Integrate product numbers, prices and customers