mobile payment processing

Why Mobile Payment Processing is Essential to Business Success

Is your business providing mobile payment processing services? If you fail to provide this option, you could be losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are several programs available, making it easy to integrate mobile payments into your...

Things Fishbowl Does that QuickBooks Can't

The Many Things Fishbowl Does That QuickBooks Can’t

While QuickBooks is usually an essential part of any efficient warehouse management and inventory management system, it is not the end-all and be-all, because it does have its limits. As your Fishbowl consultant will tell you, among the numerous advantages of...

quickbooks vs fishbowl

What Fishbowl Can Do That QuickBooks Can’t

It is recognized by most inventory management specialists that QuickBooks is not meant as a standalone warehouse management solution. Instead, it shines primarily as an accounting solution. Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing are needed to handle the inventory logistics that...